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-  Electric Foods -​


Oneka and Bridgett (The Electric Girls) have written several cookbooks to help folks transition to a healthier lifestyle. Since 2015, they have worked to bring Electric Foods to the Metro ATL area and are now offering non-perishable food items for purchase.  Have fun reading about our Dr. Sebi inspired approach to wellness. 

-  The Fun Guide to Electric Foods CookBook -​


We are very excited to share the first volume of Chronicles of an Electric Girl: The Fun Guide to Electric Foods. We give a down to earth, fun perspective on healthy food shopping and cooking! 

The guide covers Beginner's Basics, Shopping Tips, and more than 20 of our easy to prepare recipes. Additionally, we include two weeks of meal plans and shopping lists. Our recipes are vegan friendly, most are gluten-free friendly, and kid friendly. We offer two versions: electronic pdf and a softback. Click below on the version that suits you best!


We're all about living an alkaline lifestyle and sharing our experiences with others. We remove toxins and poisons from our homes, plates, and lives so that our bodies can function at the most optimal levels. Electric foods are rich in minerals and other nutrients that help your body heal and prevent disease.

Your body is made to operate without disease yet through our lifestyle choices, we often succumb to illness. We DO NOT have to live this way.  We work to create an alkaline system allowing the body to fight disease and prevent any future onset. Since your body is naturally only makes sense to eat "ELECTRIC" foods.


Thank you for taking interest in Chronicles of an Electric Girl’s introductory guide to “electric” foods.  What does “electric food” even mean?  No, we do not eat lightning bolts or play with circuit breakers, but we do recognize that our bodies are electric. We choose foods that correlate to that energetic frequency. These foods are referred to as “electric” foods.

All of these foods are vegan, meaning that they are in no way derived from or include animals.  Within the scope of vegan foods, “electric” foods are also alkaline, meaning that the reaction that they cause in the body is the opposite of acidic. On a pH scale, anything below 7 is acidic and anything above 7 is alkaline. While some items such as key lime may test as acidic, the actual reaction in that body is that of alkalinity.

In addition to being both vegan and alkaline, the “electric” foods are foods that have not been severely altered or created by man. They are not genetically modified (NO GMOs).  Our bodies are designed to recognize food as it occurs in nature.  When we introduce foods that do not occur naturally, the body has to work harder to process the elements that it was not meant to have. As Electric Girls, we eat foods that existed thousands of years ago. They are called native foods because they were indigenous to their respective lands thousands of years ago. 


Many of the so-called health foods these days such as carrots, broccoli, and wheat grass do not qualify as electric foods.  These are all hybrids created by man. Any time a plant was crossbred or hybridized, the genetic makeup was altered. Any species that eats crossbred or hybridized plants experiences a mineral and chemical imbalance. Think about how many food allergies we have these days. Think about how many illnesses: diabetes, high blood pressure, many autoimmune issues, obesity, etc. are all a direct correlation to the foods that people eat.  That’s some pretty serious stuff!


Our bodies are created to heal themselves. We just make it hard to do so because of the foods we eat and the environmental effects of our lives. An alkaline and oxygenated environment is the way for our bodies to efficiently heal themselves. Disease cannot live in an alkaline system. Everyone has cancerous cells in their body, it is just natural for our immune system to ward them off and not allow them to grow. That's where electric foods come into play. They are the way to a healthy, disease free lifestyle! When you feed the body with the fuel to fight disease and even prevent disease, you create an internal environment that does not harbor illness.


Electric foods are not laden with lactic (dairy), uric (meat), or carbonic (starch & sugar) acids. Electric foods fully integrate into the body to heal and prevent “dis-ease”. We are perfectly made to heal ourselves. Think about how many scrapes and scratches we get that heal all on their own. The body is a wonderfully, functioning vehicle if we simply feed it what it needs to operate effectively. 

Let’s go ahead and put it out there, because we hear it all the time! WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN??? Were you thinking that also? Well, tell us where do gorillas and cows get their protein? Ahh.... Grass, trees, GREENS! Just like us! So, we think we are good! People tend to worry about the macro-nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fat. When you break nutrition down to what runs our bodies, we rely on the micro-nutrients: vitamins and minerals. Proper intake of micro-nutrients really does make or break your health! It can mean the difference between balance and disease. Think about it—are any of your current processed foods “fortified” with proteins, carbs, or fats? No, but those companies sure love to fortify things with all the minerals and vitamins that have been leeched from the food.  We like to take the guesswork out and just eat the foods that we KNOW are stock full of the building blocks of life. We need amino acids and minerals, and we get those directly from electric foods.

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