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The Electric Girls are Oneka & Bridgett. What started as a simple chronicle of our meals and other shifts in the alkaline lifestyle has now grown into a cookbook, wellness events, cooking classes, and even weekly meal preparation services.  

Oneka and Bridgett are business owners, moms, and friends. Yes, we always have a new hairstyle. While Oneka and her family have been vegan since before it was cool, Bridgett made the full commitment after years of transition when she became very ill in January 2015. We adhere to a specific plant based diet following standards set forth by Dr. Sebi.  Though we do not always see eye to eye on everything—what we do know is that following his methods we have experienced tremendous improvements in our lives.

We find that our response to stress is very different than it used to be. We are more in tune with the vibration of creation by feeding our bodies with food of that frequency. When we first started following this lifestyle, we literally had a notebook with a hand-written list of foods. We were pretty much lost and had to figure out so many things. We kept saying, “Man, I wish there was a ‘how to’ guide so we wouldn’t be so lost.” In reflection, we needed to be lost in order to find amazing people to guide us and to look within to tap into our own creativity. We realized that we are the ones that we have been waiting for. YOU, too, are the one that you have been waiting for! Thanks, Robert Pue for that phrase!


With that, we are offering you what has worked for us.  We created a fun, simple cookbook with tons of tips, recipes, meal plans, and even shopping lists!  We explain the foods that we use and why. Additionally, we host a monthly sweat lodge event which helps balance you mentally while releasing toxins from the physical body. It is an empowering evening held the 3rd Wednesday each month. Throughout the year, we offer cooking classes, tastings, and outings. On a weekly basis, we provide Meal Prep Service in the Metro Atlanta area. Thank you for expressing interest in what it means to be ELECTRIC!


In Love & Light,

Oneka Willabus

Bridgett Humphrey




Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

BS in Exercise Science

Certified Vegan Chef

AFAA Advanced Certified Personal Trainer

Creator of the Exotic Curl

Innovator in Natural Lifestyle Choices

Electric Girl                                                                                                                                                                                           


Masters of Business Administration

Masters of Public Administration

Micro-Enterprise Rock Star

Global Traveler

Certified Pole Fitness Instructor

Certified FeetUp Trainer Teacher

Electric Girl                                                                                                                                                                                             

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