Welcome to the FITNESS component of Chronicles of an Electric Girl. we are really more than just food! We now offer online Step Aerobics, Body Sculpt, Basic Stretch, Foam Rolling, and Kids' Fitness.


Oneka offers step, body sculpt, and zone training. While it is ideal to have a stepper for the step classes, you can do these workouts without added height. The body sculpt class requires two sets of dumbbells. Bridgett will be leading the adult stretch classes for all levels of flexibility and foam rolling. Nygel and Rio will be leading the kids' fitness offerings. This schedule is subject to change; the new schedule is published on the first day of each month.


All classes are held online via Zoom app. Class Passes must be used within 30 days.


Single Class $10

10 Class Pass $25

20 Class Pass $40 (Perfect for families!)


Step Basics: (All levels), Oneka

A workout using the aerobic step to add some height to increase the heart rate for an undeniably fun and safe workout.

Monday 7 p.m.


Cardio Blast: (All levels), Oneka
Anything cardio is GAME in this 30 min high intensity, move your body class. No equipment needed. Just you, me, and your device!

Tuesday 7 p.m.

Step Interval: (All levels), Oneka

A workout incorporating the aerobic step with body sculpting, it keeps the high intensity going and doesn't miss a beat when adding weights.
N/A in July

Body Sculpt: (All levels), Oneka

Using body weights, hand weights and tubes, a workout designed to strengthen and tone your body. Full body workout!

Sunday 5 p.m.


Glute & Core: (All levels), Oneka

All things glutes and core related... Be prepared for Oneka to kick ya booty!

Wednesday 7 p.m.


Stretch!: (Adults), Bridgett

These sessions aim to increase flexibility and range of motion. You do not need to be flexible to take this class! Come work on elongation and breathing.

Saturday 9:00 a.m.


Foam Rolling: (Adults), Bridgett

Self-Myofascia Release helps lubricate the joints, release toxins, and promotes faster recovery. For this class, we use a variety of tools. If you are new to foam rolling, use a standard compression 36" foam roller and please have tennis balls or golf balls available.

Wednesday 7:30 p.m.


Jungle Gym: (ages 3 to 7), Nygel

Incorporating imagination and play into physical activity, this 30 minute class focuses on fundamental elements of movement.

N/A in July


Fitness Foundations: (age 8 and up), Rio

30 minutes of high intensity basics ranging from plyometric to strength training. Think bootcamp meets teenager! Your child should be self-directed for this class.

Thursday 4 p.m.


Flirty Friday (Grown & Sexy ONLY), Bridgett

In this 75 minute workshop, release your inner vixen and learn a chair dance routine. It's all about fun not perfection! Wear something sexy but comfortable and let's get FLIRTY! Invite all your girlfriends... ISSA PAR-TAY!

(You need an armless chair of regular height.)

July 31st 8 p.m.



Monday: Step Basics 7 p.m.

Tuesday: Cardio Blast 7 p.m.

Wednesday: Glutes & Core 7p.m.; Foam Rolling 7:30 p.m.

Thursday: Fitness Foundations 4 p.m.

Friday: Flirty Friday, July 31st 8 p.m.

Saturday: Stretch! 9:00 a.m.

Sunday: Body Sculpt 5 p.m.

Step, Stretch, & More

Whatcha want?
  • By making this purchase you agree to the following for you and your minor child (if applicable):

    1. I understand that I am engaging in rigorous physical activity and have consulted a physician about any limitations in my physical movement. I hearby acknowledge that I am responsible for my physical wellness and am physically able to participate.

    2. I do not hold Chronicles of an Electric Girl or its instructors responsible for any injuries sustained during physical fitness. I understand this is a risk and will make safe decisions for my physical health.

    3. I understand that there are no refunds. Also, NO SHOWS or late cancels (2 hours before class) are not credited back. Use it or lose it, boo. I also know that the class pass is for a 30 day period.

    4. Please text 678.612.3882 to schedule for now. We have not automated that process just yet.

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