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On a weekly basis, we offer an herbal tea choice on the menu. Text us at 678.612.3882 to see what's on the menu. Our teas are NOT made using green or black tea but are a blend of herbs, roots, flowers, berries, and fruits. They have healing properties and are great additions to a healthier lifestyle. They are only sold by the gallon. If you are buying dried teas, one packet is enough to make one gallon.


Several teas are available every week.

GO GO Juice--high energy blend proprietary blend. It consists of foraged and highly mineralizing herbs.

JUKE JOINT JAMMIN'--specifically blended to help remove toxins and reduce inflammation

POOP & PEE TEA (PPT)--you guessed it...this one helps you poop and has dandelion as a natural diuretic.


Additionally, we provide teas to meet your specific needs.  Just text us to figure out what you need, but use this link to make your payment. 


Please note: natural herbs CAN influence prescribed medications. If you are taking pharmaceuticals or have medical concerns, please give us a call or text so that we can blend the best tea option for you.

Herbal Tea

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