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Electric Foods help heal and prevent disease. We use organic, local items as much as possible to provide you with the highest quality meals. You receive two meals (lunch and dinner) per day. Pick up locations vary.

Our meals are completely void of dead animals, dairy, GMOs, and soy. Additionally, we do not believe in using overly hybridized foods like corn, potatoes, seedless fruits, etc. We use ancient grains. If you are gluten sensitive or have any food allergy or strong dislike, please let us know.

We text a menu weekly. You choose from the meals listed. In general, there is a heated portion and a raw salad. Meals come prepackaged according to when you should eat them. We request that our foods NOT be microwaved as it changes the frequency of electric foods and essentially kills them. We ask that you rinse the containers and return with your next order. If you do not place another order, let's just arrange a time to return the containers.

4 Days Pick-Up

  • DO NOT use a microwave! You can simply sautee most meals using a stove.  If you are having meals at work or away from home, you can use the portable lunch CrockPot Mini.  It's great for slowly heating your food.

  • Please just rinse our containers and put them into a bag.  You will return these with your next order.  DO NOT use any sponge or rag that may have been exposed to any meat or dairy. That would really freak us OUT!  We just prefer that you rinse them.  We will clean them worries!

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